About SheAh

Shaman Elite, Life Coach,teacher, and guide national and international, studied Sexuality, Spirituality, natural healing & more thru herbs, vocal tone healing, healthy eating, crystal reading, and the tools for living a balanced happy life for more than 15 years under the tutelage of Dragon Wolf Benjamin, an African Medicine woman. Dr. SheAh Prince Eternal has been actively practicing for over 30 years. He coaches from the heart and a ready laugh to lighten up the difficult moments. The goal is to assist people of all levels to enjoy a healthier life starting with loving oneself.

SheAh Prince Eternal emphasizes how important sexual relationships are (even with ourselves) for our overall health. He teaches couples on all levels of maturity (over 21) and offers in depth coaching on how our bodies work and why it is important to keep those sexual organs oiled,& exercised, expelling the hormones necessary to keep us living healthier lives.

His teachings and events are open to all races, genders, nationalities, diversities and orientations.

The guidance that guides you, back to You!