"I Made It!"

Hello Folks

Its been a year as of April 12,2016 that I had a stroke that left the right side of my body disabled for a time and I had to learn to walk again and stand without the aid of a cane or walker. My blood pressure was challenged and my vision as well as certain brain perceptions and severe depression. I can say that now I am in such good health, its as if it never happened. First I worked on the mental and emotional reasons that my body had reacted to which caused such a misalignment. Then I used my shamanic training and researched my case or more accurately my dear friends who are also believers in holistic, homeopathic, herbal, ayurvedic meds , and certain supplements helped me research my case because I could barely lift my head, and as a result I healed rapidly and I worked on my emotional state. I had to accept myself bottom line. I had to take myself on a journey of love for me as I had taken so many others and believe in myself as I coach others to do. I am happy to say now that it does not matter what others think of me. It does not matter what gender I am or what body I was born in. I have decided that I am non binary, non conformist and it doesn’t matter whether the inside matches the outside. I have also decided that I create my world and that world is a result of me loving me and honoring me in every aspect of my life.

-SheAh Prince Eternal -April 5th, 2017

True Happiness

The deliciousness of true happiness is sometimes difficult to describe in words. It entails feeling so much more than a verbal expression.

Waking up smiling and laughing and going to sleep doing the same feels sooo good. Snuggling up with your pillows and feeling just as happy as if snuggled up with a lover, feels so yummy.

Sometimes I literally laugh out loud when no one is around because Shit! I'm happy!I am happy, happy, happy, and to be totally clear that this surfeit of boundless joy is not coming from anything outside myself simply adds to it. Its an inside job, an alignment with who I am good or bad, up or down, which thrills me endlessly.

Don't get me wrong. There are times when things happen that don't feel good. But its so easy to think about something else that feels better. Sure it takes practice and the decision that its more important to feel good than not so good.

In my personal experience, it was difficult when I first started practicing this due to the learned program of one negative thought leading to another until the plethora of thoughts that didn't feel good overwhelmed me and I would be sad or angry or just out of sorts, for several hours or even days. And sometimes I would blame others or try to get someone else to help me feel better.

But now I realize that no one came to this planet for the purpose of keeping me feeling good. I take full responsibility for the way I feel. I no longer hold my Mamma, my Daddy, my sisters, my brothers, my children, my lovers, friends, colleagues, or anyone in my life responsible for making me happy. I don't need them for that and they don't need me. Yes we are taught that illusion that we need each other to keep each other feeling good, but we really don't. That fact is proven when we recover against all odds, when that person is no longer there for whatever the reason.

In part of my business, SheAh Prince Eternal, I offer a form of coaching for the sole purpose of sharing the tools of self empowerment and learning to love oneself which I gladly do. There are many others who also have businesses of self empowerment. But ultimately, only you can make you happy and trust me true and lasting happiness feels so good! Remember You are waiting for YOU! Much Love!

-SheAh Prince Eternal -March 8th, 2017

Self Approval

Welcome to the world of SheAh Prince Eternal where I share my thoughts, my teachings, my life. Thanks for reading.

Self Approval

As I finished meditating and writing out my positive aspects this morning, a thought came to me.

"Why does the approval of others matter so much?"

This is something ongoing that I totally work on.

And why do we as people measure ourselves by each others standards?

Things like the way we look, dress, our race, orientation, educational level, where we live, what we think, the list goes on in ways we measure ourselves and each other.

So I asked the Source of myself, how to stop doing this.

Heres what came.

We are all connected coming from the same energy of"All That Is"

Even though we have our individual expressions before and after we flow thru these physical bodies.

We all made the choice to come and experience the physical experience in our bodies. It was so profound when I realized this.

So the way to stop worrying about peoples approval or measuring ourselves and comparing ourselves to each other is to remember we all came from the same Source. There is no greater nor lesser.

We all choose our journey and make it what we want it to be whether deliberately creating or creating by default.

We can remember our greatness or we can down play ourselves and forget who we are. But it doesn't matter sooner or later on this eternal journey we will know once again that we are all magnificent.

Remember who you are. You are the only one like you.

-SheAh Prince Eternal -March 8th, 2017

Leave It Behind Me

I Can Choose To Let It Define Me

Confine Me,

Refine Me,

Outshine Me,


I Can Choose to Move On and

Leave It Behind Me !

-SheAh Prince Eternal -March 8th, 2017

Laugh & Play

Laugh and Play Eternal Being

Play amongst the Stars!

For that is who you are!

Laugh and Play and Why Not?

For Your Existence Will Never Stop

You Have Always Been and You Will Always Be

Experience the Deliciousnessof This

Eternal Moment

Like an Orgasm That Goes On & On

Drink from the Water of the Babbling Brook

Bathe in the Waterfalls of Natures Nooks

Laugh and Play for That is What You Came

Here To Do.

Be,You, Do You, and Come Into All Your Glory!