Tamra Romagnoli

When I met SheAh Prince Eternal, 13 years ago, my life was in ruins. I was badly addicted to drugs, and I realized I had to change a lot of things in my life, and that led me to counseling with SheAh Prince Eternal. She has helped me through the years immensely, recognizing that issues in my life had to be dealt with and healed in order to kick drugs and move forward which included raising my son, Joshua who was just a little boy at the time. Now 13 years later I am still clean, drug free, and mentally I'm much happier. I am successfully divorced from an abusive husband and enjoying a healthy relationship with the love of my dreams. And we have plenty of wonderful sex! Thank you SheAh, I no longer allow depression to rule my life, I am moving forward and following my dreams.


Thank you SheAh for your coaching! 7 months ago I knew that I needed to create positive change in the direction of my business and my life. SheAh helped me realize that the majority of my thought process was negative and through her coaching and guidance I was able to change my thought process to a positive one and I am now reaping the benefits. Meditation and Positive Journaling were two of the tools that have been invaluable to my transformation. I have launched a new business, coaching runners and triathletes, and it has really taken off! I am amazed that it is growing so quickly and I am enthusiastically looking forward to the coming year and beyond! All the while being appreciative of what I have right now and enjoying this moment. Thanks again SheAh!

Theresa Trinidad

SheAh Prince Eternal has coached me in many ways that have helped me expand and grow in ways I didn't even think I would be able to. Not only from helping me build my confidence to leading a company into the best year of profits it had in the company's eleven year existence, SheAh instilled the power in me to believe in myself and help me understand that I create my own destiny. I took a leap of my own faith and left that company to build two of my own companies which are growing and successful and I am now building the life that I want! I am forever in appreciation to SheAh for guiding me through my journey to get here and working with me personally to not only grow from a business perspective, but also grow personally with myself, with my wife and with all my other personal relationships. SheAh has taught me to love myself first, so that I am able to love others. The latest thing that SheAh I have been working on is to lighten up and ease and flow. I could go on and on about how enriching SheAh's coaching has been for me and I am appreciative every week or so that we are still working together. Thank you SheAh for the many ways you have guided me to a joy filled and more spiritual place in my life."

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